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Operational and Ethical Regulations
for the members of the regular customer / distributor network of BIOCOM INTERNATIONAL (EUROPE) AG.

Registration and management of data
Natural persons who are at least 18 years old, legal entities (companies) and private entrepreneurs can be members of the distributor network of BIOCOM.
You can register on the online registration form at www.biocomnetwork.ch website. For the validation of the registration, besides entering the required information, purchase is needed for at least 50 point values (PV) at the webshop(s) stated in the registration confirmation email. 
After this the new member receives a unique identification number, with which he/she is entitled to purchase personally or through the internet.
If the network member’s registered information changes, modification (update) of these are available on webshop.biocom-international.ch (after login) at the “Management of data” menu option. For the authenticity of the provided information members take responsibility, Biocom is not liable for eventual damages resulting from incorrectly provided or not updated information.
In case a member registered as a private individual wishes to operate as a legal entity, or a member registered as a legal entity wishes to operate as a private individual, modification can be requested in writing with justification, accompanied by appropriate documentation. Changes like these can only be requested once a year.
Registrations and career levels in the BIOCOM system cannot be sold, transferred, but can be inherited.
Cancellation of registration
If for the period of a year not a single point worth of purchase happens in the name of the network member, his/her registration ceases. After this the possibility of purchase with discounts, and the network benefits also eliminated.
With the registration the new member accepts the Operational Regulations, Marketing Plan, and follows them as an obligation. The network member acknowledges that the violation of the operational regulations can result in exclusion from the network, and loss of achieved discounts.

General rules
The network members are not employees of BIOCOM INTERNATIONAL (Europe) AG., but independent business owners, buying and selling the products in their own names. In the course of their work they can not act on behalf of BIOCOM, as well as they can’t make any verbal or written statements on behalf the company.
On business cards or other printed matters of network members only the following caption is permitted: “Independent product advisor”. After qualification “Independent network leader” or “Independent network director” labels can be indicated.
Every network member is entitled to purchase products at a price corresponding to the current discount level, for the sponsoring of new members, who are in his/her subnetwork and increases his/her group sales.
All products found in the Biocom system have a so called point value (PV), which can be found in the current price list and on the webshops. This point value forms the basis of qualification to career levels and network commissions. 
No points can be changed in the marketing system of Biocom by the network members, during the presentation to others diverting it from the original will result in immediate exclusion.
For the bonus payment eligibility members of the network have to qualify themselves on a monthly basis.
Ordering merchandise, purchase
Products of BIOCOM can be ordered through the website: webshop.biocom-international.ch, or purchased on the webshops or at the offices of authorized BIOCOM distributor partner companies of countries.

Orders are only considered valid after they have been paid for!
Network members can only order merchandise / purchase on their own behalf.

Popularizing products, advertising activity
For advertising and marketing activities only the promotional material provided by BIOCOM can be used.
Members are not allowed to use the BIOCOM brand name and logo without BIOCOM’s previously written permission. If this permission is given, the brand names and logos can only be used in accordance with the rules provided by BIOCOM.
Every BIOCOM printed matter, publication, video, photograph, graphic, product photo is copyrighted, and cannot be used or copied (even partially) without the previously given permission of BIOCOM.
All contents of the BIOCOM websites, including texts, graphics, photos, and graphical appearances are also copyrighted, and cannot be used or copied (even partially) for commercial use without the previously given permission of the company.

Marketing of products
BIOCOM products can only be marketed within the limits of the immediate sales system, on consumer prices defined in the current price lists, any other forms of retail trade is not allowed in the marketing of products.
Neither the BIOCOM products, nor the BIOCOM promotional materials are allowed to be sold or presented in any retail establishment, webshop, social media site, online auction site or other website.
Members of the network cannot operate their own webshops for the marketing of products; on their own websites they can popularize the products and the business opportunity correctly, in accordance with the Operational and Ethical Regulations.
Members of the network are not allowed to give false information about the product when they are recommending or selling it; giving misleading information to the costumer is not allowed, neither in verbal, nor in written form. The same rules apply for any activity regarding the popularization of the BIOCOM business opportunity.
The products can only be marketed unopened, in the original packaging.
In the spirit of fair competition, it is forbidden to give other company’s products a bad name, when promoting the products.
Legal entity members can only sell the products purchased from BIOCOM to the end users, on the current recommended retail price.
Buying and selling between members is not allowed and results in the cancellation of registration.

Services of the computer program
The information, individual and network sales of registered network members are stored in the computer system of Biocom. Registered network members can access information about their own network’s current monthly sales, after they login to the website.
Members of a network are not entitled to access information about the sales traffic of other network branches outside of their own subnetwork.

Calculation of network commissions, qualification to higher career levels
Calculation of network commissions is done according to the achieved sales traffic (verified with receipts) of the given calendar month. Late or unpaid orders will not be taken into account at the calculation of network commissions.
Network members who are eligible for the payment of commission are notified by Biocom with the uploaded notice to the member’s online account, which is downloadable after login.
Career level progress is determined in accordance with the achieved sales traffic in the qualification months.
The details for determining network commissions and career levels are regulated by the current Biocom Marketing Plan.

Payment of network commissions
The network commission payments are made by the BIOCOM distributor partner companies contracted in the specified country, according to the tax directives of that country. 
The network commission payments are made after commission calculations, variably among countries, but usually after the 5th workday of the month via bank transfers.
For network commission payments, it is necessary to provide the bank account number of the company/enterprise (private person where it’s allowed) in the “Management of data” menu option.
The notification containing the amount of the network commission is located and can be downloaded under the “Notifications” menu option.
For sums less than 10 CHF the user won’t receive payments or notifications. Every commission under 10 CHF is recorded by BIOCOM and once the user’s commissions exceed 10 CHF, the payment will be processed and notification will be sent.
Payments of Bonuses will be made according to the following:
a)    For users registered as companies or entrepreneurs the commission payments are made against invoice. The credibility of the data of the invoice is the responsibility of the person who issued the invoice. After the upload of the notification, the registered user will have 60 days to submit the invoice.
b)    For private persons, Biocom will pay network commissions only in specified countries. (Exact details about this are provided by the Biocom partner company operating in the specified country). The payments will be received on the account number given by the user, with a monthly limit of 450 CHF. Monthly network commission amounts greater than 450 CHF, in any country, will be paid only to companies or entrepreneurs. Biocom draws attention of all of its registered users, that they must pay and declare, all the tax and other commission related obligations, by themselves, according to the tax directives and laws of their home country, after all the income of network commission payments. For bonuses less than 40 CHF, a 2 CHF bank fee is deducted, thus the amount on the notification and the transferred amount can differ by that much.

The company responsible for the payments has the right to deduct any arrears or debts from the member, who is authorized for the network commission payments.

Network ethics
With any questions or issues that come up during networking, reach out to the sponsorship line, or any questions, complaint should be delivered in writing to the competent company.
Cross lining, finding other network branches, initiating members from other networks with new names is not acceptable and results in the cancellation of registration.
If a registered member wishes to register to another network branch, he/she can do it after a six month waiting period, with the loss of his/her career level.
The promotion of other network companies or their products is not allowed (and will result in immediate exclusion) at Biocom network events, or at all company/product promoting presentations, meetings, events.
A member who obviously uses his/her BIOCOM membership to propagate other business opportunities, products to other members of the network, will be excluded and lose all achieved discounts and eligibility for network commissions.
The sponsor is obligated to always help his sponsored network members’ progression in the career plan with the best of his/her knowledge.
The network member cannot force anything on his/her sponsored members, therefore can’t force them to place their orders through him, nor to keep any products in stock or to place any “minimum” orders.